Dr. Satria Zulkarnaen Bisri
Research Scientist

Emergent Device Research Team, Supramolecular Chemistry Division
RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)



2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-0198, JAPAN

e-mail: satria.bisri [di] riken.jp
Phone: +81-48-462-1111 (ext. 6122/3104)
Fax: +81-48-462-4703




[2017.05.04] Delivering an invited lecture at “Charge and Energy Transport in Nanocrystal Assemblies” (CETNA-2017) Workshop that is held at University of Minnesota, USA. The lecture is about field-induced doping of colloidal nanocrystal assemblies, in which I discussed carrier traps and transport as well as their utilizations for novel electronic devices. The workshop itself is organized by scientists who are among the pioneers of the colloidal quantum dot field, Boris Skhlovskii and Al Efros.

[2017.04.21] We did our own version of “March for Science“. Today RIKEN held its Open Day. Different from the other annual Open Day, this year is special since we also celebrate our centennial year and the naming of element #113, which was invented here, as Nihonium. There were around 10000 peoples (young and old) visited us and enjoyed interaction with scientist. Through this, we educate people about the importance and the significance of scientific advances in our daily life and in our understanding on how universe and things work.

[2017.04.14] Daniel Balazs has finished his 3-months research stay in our team at Riken. He is returning to University of Groningen to finish his PhD degree.

[2017.04.01] Another good news, Shin-kun is starting to continue his Master`s research in our colloidal quantum dot team. Also starting today, a new postdoc is joining the greater Emergent Device Research Team, who is Dr. Masaro Yoshida.

[2017.04.01] A new research project on thermoelectric properties of colloidal quantum dot assemblies has been sponsored by a major funding, “Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist A” (KAKENHI-Wakate A) from The Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) . The project will run until Spring 2020.

[2017.03.14] Presenting two talks at The 64th Japan Society of Applied Physics Spring Meeting 2017 at Pacifico Convention Center, Minato Mirai, Yokohama. One talk was in the phonon engineering symposium and the other one was in one of the solar cell symposium. Daniel also had his chances to promote his research works by presenting two talks at this conference as well.

[2017.02.13] Our bachelor student, Daiki Shin, has just successfully defended his bachelor thesis.

[2017.01.18] Attending CEMS-QPEC Symposium on Emergent Quantum Materials at The University of Tokyo, where I give a presentation on thermoelectric of colloidal quantum dots.

[2017.01.15] Welcoming Daniel Balazs, a PhD student from Prof. Maria Loi`s group at The University of Groningen. He was also my former master`s student. He is joining our team in Riken as visiting researcher under the JSPS Short-Term Pre-/Post-doctoral Fellowship for European. He will stay for 3 months until April this year.

[2016.12.12] Our paper on strain-modulated charge transport in flexible PbS quantum dot field-effect transistors has just been published in Advanced Electronic Materials. This work was a result of collaboration together with University of Groningen, The Netherlands, The University of Tokyo, and University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany.

[2016.12.05] Hosting Prof. Maksym V. Kovalenko from ETH Zurich, Switzerland who is one of our main collaborators. He will deliver an invited talk at “2016 International Workshop on Supramolecular Chemistry and Functional Materials(CEMSupra 2016)” that is organized by our center in a picturesque hot spring resort in Manza, Gunma.

[2016.11.28] Our paper on tunable doping in PbS quantum dot field-effect transistors has just been published in APL Materials. This work was a result of collaboration together with University of Groningen, The Netherlands, The University of Tokyo, and University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany.

[2016.11.02] Welcoming Liming Liu, a PhD student (D1) from Prof. Takuzo Aida`s group of Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Tokyo, who join our team to do research on colloidal quantum dots. For the whole 3 years of PhD project, she will jointly supervised by me and Dr. Yasuhiro Ishida, the team leader of Emergent Bioinspired Soft Matter Research Team.

[2016.10.26] Receiving the “2016 Indonesian Young Materials Scientist Award” from The Materials Research Society of Indonesia.

[2016.10.24] Delivering an invited talk at The Materials Research Society of Indonesia (MRS-ID) Meetings in Bandung, Indonesia. The lecture in the Energy Harvesting, Storage, Converting & Saving Applications Symposium was about novel energy converting devices of colloidal quantum dot solids.

[2016.10.01] A new project related with colloidal quantum dot research has been started under Specific Project Investigation (SPI), sponsored by The Japan & Science Technology Agency (JST). It will run until Spring 2017.

[2016.09.21] Delivering an invited talk at The European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Fall Meetings at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. The lecture in the Flexible Electronic Sensor Symposium was about the recent advancements on polymer-wrapped semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes and the related materials for transistors, sensors and energy harvesting devices.

[2016.09.14] Presenting two talks at The 77th Japan Society of Applied Physics Autumn Meeting 2016 at Toki Messe, Niigata. One was about thermoelectric of colloidal quantum dots, and the other was about charge carrier transport in some new types of quantum dot assemblies.

[2016.09.01] A new project on “Thermal Transport Properties of Nanostructured Materials” is started. It will run until Spring 2018 and funded by RIKEN Incentive Research Grant.

[2016.08.10] A feature article (Inside Out) about “my scientific career and life” appeared in August edition of Oyo Butsuri, the scientific bulletin of The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP).

[2016.06.08] Hosting Dr. Ward van der Stam from University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, who visited RIKEN and gave seminar on nanocrystal superstructures.

[2016.06.01] Welcoming Shin-kun, a B4 (bachelor) student from Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, who join our team to do bachelor research on colloidal quantum dots under my supervision.

[2016.05.26] Attended The 9th International Conference on Quantum Dots, which was held in Jeju Island, South Korea. It was the 2nd time I attended this important conference series. There I delivered an oral talk on thermoelectric device of ultra-thin-film of colloidal quantum dot solids. Together with that, I also presented a poster presentation on carrier control in quantum dot assemblies by new kinds of ionic liquids.

[2016.04.04] Attended The 7th Nanoscience with Nanocrystals International Conference, at Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany. I presented an oral talk on field-induced doping on colloidal nanocrystals assemblies and its implication on thermoelectric properties.

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